Our Staff


Paula has her degree in Early Childhood Education and has owned and operated Arise N Shine Preschool for over twenty years. Paula is married with two children and enjoys the outdoors, camping and spending time in her garden.

Paula Buxman
Owner/Childcare Specialist


Katie has worked in the Early Childhood Education field for over ten years and attended Renton Technical College’s Early Childhood Careers Program. She began working at Arise N Shine as a toddler teacher and was quickly promoted to center director. Katie is married and enjoys taking long walks with her Siberian Husky Kenny!

Katie Wright
Center Director


Ms. Beverly has worked with children for eighteen years and has been a part of the Arise N Shine family since 2012. She grew up in St. Louis Missouri with six brothers and three sisters.

Beverly Vincent
Toddler Teacher


Delanea realized her passion to become an educator when she did a six-month internship as a reading tutor. She quickly set out to change career’s and has been at Arise N Shine ever since.

Delanea Sanders
Toddler Teacher


Yaritza started at Arise N Shine preschool in 2013 as an assistant teacher and was quickly promoted to lead teacher because of her great ability to turn any situation in to an opportunity for children to learn.

Yaritza Maldonado
Preschool teacher
Bilingual- English and Spanish


Lisa has worked with young children for over three years. She plans on going to school for Early Childhood in the near future.

Lisa Sanchez
Preschool Teacher
Bilingual- English and Spanish


Josefina has been a very important part of our family at Arise N shine since 2011. She is married with five children and although she has no real grandchildren, many of the children here look at her as and call her grandma.

Josefina Lopez
Bilingual- English and Spanish